More functions and design options to immortalise your special moments More functions and design options to immortalise your special moments

More functions and design options to immortalise your special moments More functions and design options to immortalise your special moments

Using ifolor software for your device Using ifolor software for your device

Free Windows software for photo books, photo calendars, photo gifts, wall decorations and digital photos

With the free ifolor Designer for Windows you create photo books or photo calendars easily on the computer using a number of creative options. We present the Designer software’s most important functions to you on this page.

Photo books
Photo calendar
Wall decorations
Digital photos
Fotobuch ifolor Windows Designer

Photo books in ifolor Designer

  • Create photo books directly on your computer
  • Many designs
  • Design the pages however you like and save them as templates
  • Quickly and easily edit texts
  • Change the photo book layout while editing
  • Change the photo book layout while editing
  • All photo books are saved permanently on your computer

Photo calendars in ifolor Designer

  • Flexible editing directly on your computer
  • Edit design templates however you like
  • Create personalised calendar pages (and save them for other calendars too)
  • Highlight important dates
  • All photo calendars are saved permanently on your computer

Wall decorations in ifolor Designer

  • Create wall decorations directly on your computer
  • Design them however you like – place the photos and texts flexibly
  • Change the format while creating them
  • Different backgrounds and design elements
  • Save all wall decorations permanently

Digital photos in ifolor Designer

  • Order photos on premium photo paper at the same time as other photo products
  • Simply select the photo sections yourself – using the practical control function for image resolution
  • Add any text you like to the back
  • Format: 9, 10, 11, 13, 20 cm

The most important new functions

We have improved quite a bit in the new 5.0 version of the ifolor Designer for Windows. Our main aim: to make creating photo books or photo calendars even easier for you. You can find a summary of the most important new features in this section.

Editing photos is easier

Editing photos is easier

You can now find all the options for improving your photos centrally under “Editing”. Simply click the photo you want to edit to open the menu.

Quick text editing

Quick text editing

Also new: you can now edit the texts directly on the book page and even faster. For this simply click the text and then select the quick edit menu (identified by “Aa”).

Tip: you can find other creative options under the “Editing” tab, such as coloured areas and colour gradients that you can use as backgrounds for your texts.

Tips and tricks

Photo books, Photo calendar, Wall decorations
Place backgrounds

It's this easy:

  • Go to «Design» and select the option «backgrounds».
  • Pull a background onto the page. The orange marking shows you where the background would be used, if you pulled it to there.
  • You can also use the background on the entire double page.
Photo books, Photo calendar, Wall decorations
More options when you right click

As soon as you have pulled a background onto the page, by right clicking on the sites background, this opens up new possibilities.

Among other things, you can use the background for the entire photo book.

Fotobücher, Fotokalender, Wanddekorationen
Your own photo as a background

In ifolor Designer 5.0 you can use practically any background you want. For example colour surfaces or also your own pictures.

The principle is always the same: simply pull an element onto the page. The orange area shows you where the background has been used.

Photo books
Quick guide for Windows Designer (PDF)

Do you want to create a photo book? The following guide will help you to create a photo book in no time at all.

Naturally, ifolor Designer offers far more functions than described in this guide. But if you want to achieve a result in just a few steps start your photo book now straight away!

Photo books
ifolor eBook-Combi
eBook Combi

Your photo book on your smartphone or tablet - with the ifolor eBook-Combi. Simply order the eBook-Combi in the ifolor Designer for your photo book!

Photo calendar
Freely edit calendar pages

As you are maybe already used to with photo books, you can also freely design the pages in ifolor Designer. Either by editing provided design templates or creating personalised calendar pages.

Photo calendar
Create personalised calendar pages

The supreme discipline in photo calendar design: creating your own calendar pages. This is pretty easy with ifolor Designer. And this is how to do it: first of all you design your calendar pages however you want with different pictures, frames, backgrounds etc. Then you simply right click the page – "Page layout" – "Save page"!

Photo calendar
Highlight public holidays and important dates
Highlight public holidays and important dates

Practical: The most important Swiss public holidays are automatically added to your photo calendar (can be deactivated as an option) and you can also add your own important dates to the calendar – for example, birthdays!

More functions

Photo book assistant

The photo book assistant guides you from the first idea to your personal photo book in a few steps.

Photo book sharing

Share your photo book with your friends while creating it online.

Photo book eBook-Combi

Order your photo book as a practical eBook for smartphone and tablet too!

Changing a photo book

Practical: you can change from one photo book to another at any time. All the photos and design are transferred!

Realistic preview

The animated preview gives you a realistic idea of the book you have created.

Design templates

Select from lots of different designs and layouts for creative photo books.


Import photos directly from Facebook, Dropbox, Flickr, OneDrive, Photobucket, Picasa.


You can use any fonts that are installed on your PC.


Bitte lesen Sie sich diesen Endbenutzer-Lizenzvertrag (EULA) sorgfältig durch, bevor Sie unsere Software verwenden.

System requirements

Resolution: minimum 1024 x 768
Hard drive: minimum 300 MB free memory
RAM: 2 GB recommended
Operating systems: Windows 7/Windows 8.1/Windows 10